Leslie Hiller

Graphic Designer

Hi everyone!

I am Leslie. I went to school for graphic design at Raymond Walters College which is part of the University of Cincinnati. Before I went to design school, I received an associates degree in general business from Raymond Walters. I spend days critiquing design, typography, and cakes. Yes, cakes. Not only am I a designer, I am also a cake decorator. Aside from designing and decorating cakes, I love the color purple, I dislike capital letters (so I choose not to use them), and I think hedgehogs and penguins are adorable. Also, I am an active member of the cincinnati aiga chapter, and I was the co-president for the rwc-aiga student chapter this past year.

About my design ideas… I am a fan of clean design, well used white space, clean, easy to read typography, and minimal color palates, I like minimalistic eye catching designs.